The Agassiz Elementary-Secondary School believes that the education of its students is served best through a supportive partnership between the home and the school. The various means used to attain two-way communication between the school and community, are designed to keep you informed of what the school is doing and to encourage the community to give feedback to the school.

  • Newsletters: A regular school Newsletter is sent home with our students. It brings you up-to-date on recent happenings and tells you about upcoming highlights. The local newspaper often has coverage about school events and activities.
  • Surveys: Provincial Surveys are done annually for students and parents in Grades 7, 10 and 12.
  • Three-Way Conferences: Three-Way Conferences involve the student, parent and teacher. The student is the most important participant.

All of our teachers are available to discuss your children's progress with you. We believe it is possible to most effectively help our students be successful in school, when they accept increasing responsibility for their learning. You can best be informed of how you can help, and we can best come to a better understanding of your child, when we participate together in activities such as Three-Way Conferences. At such a meeting, the student will discuss her/his progress with the parents, and outline plans for continued growth and/or improvement in the future. The parent and the teacher will become partners with the student, to help her/him achieve that growth and/or improvement. Parents are encouraged to call the school or individual teachers if they have concerns.

There will be a formal conference session organized at the end of the first term and after the third term. Parents and teachers can call one another to arrange a conference whenever the need arises during the other three terms.