School Information

Agassiz Elementary Secondary School (AESS) is a comprehensive secondary school offering a wide range of programs from grade seven through graduation. The school community prides itself on its historical record of academic excellence and athletic prowress.

The school is located in the eastern Fraser Valley with a population of approximately 300 students. We serve the District of Kent, the Village of Harrison Hot Springs, as well as the First Nations' communities of Chehalis and Seabird Island. Staff, parents and students work closely together to maximize the learning potential of each individual student. The relatively intimate nature of our learning community allows everyone to know your name, creating a more personalized educational experience.

Our career programs in the fields of Industrial Technology, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Home Economics, Work Experience / Secondary School Apprenticeships and Computer Technology are continually fine tuned to ensure relevant skills are provided for our students.

Our Music program is very strong. Band concerts are held each year to demonstrate students' developing skills.

Mission Statement

Important Information

The following school information is important for students and parents/guardians to know about the 2019-2020 school year: